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Private Miletos & Priene & Apollon Temple Tour

I provide this tour for the visitors coming to D-Marin Didim Port with their own yachts and for those staying in Altinkum and Kusadasi. It is suitable for all ages in general but please take into consideration that we climb up to Priene. So it might be a bit difficult for old visitors.

Miletos, known as the city of the philosophers, was one of the most important city of the Ionian league. Theater, Faustina Baths, Caravanserai, Agora are some of the places to visit.

Priene with its location on ancient Mykale, Samsun Mountains is famous for its spectacular view of the plain of Soke. In Priene we will see the ancient theatre, Athena Temple, Agora, Bouleterion and ancient city walls.

The temple of Apollon was an important prophecy center in the ancient times and it was the third biggest one after the temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the temple of Hera in Samos Island. But today you will see the biggest temple dating back to the ancient period with its columns and cella.