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Your visit to Turkey is not complete without seeing Ephesus

efes celcius libraryToday we are in Ephesus known as one of the best-preserved archaelogical sites in the world. Its excellent location on western part of Turkey enables the site to attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Ephesus is located just at the junction where Kusadası-Aydın-Selcuk meet.

During history, the location of the city changed four time due to necessities and escaping from some natural effects. The first city we know was founded on the top of the Ayasuluk Hill where we see today a huge fortress overlooking the actual city of Selcuk and the Plain of River Caystros. The second Ephesus was founded around the Temple of Artemis. The third Ephesus is the one that we visit today and the last Ephesus was founded on the top of the Ayasuluk Hill again.

Istanbul, the capital of the world


ayasofya by eraa"If there had been only one state in the world, Istanbul would have been its capital" Napoléon Bonaparte.

Istanbul, Byzantion or Constantinople. You can use any of these names to call the city. During its long history, it housed three great empires, all of which left so many uncompared works. Mosques, churches, sinagogues, palaces, cisterns, fountains, aquaducts, bridges are only very few of them.

Eventhough it is not the capital of modern Turkey, Istanbul is now the cultural and economical center of the country. It is the city where the hearth of the country is beating. It offers an endless story.

The most important prophecy centre of Anatolia is still standing, Temple of Apollon at Didyma

apollon templeDuring my life time I always lived in historical, touristical places. So it was not a big surprise for me to become a professional tour guide. I remember when I was a small child I was playing on ancient stones and trying to explain something about the history of them to the visitors with some basic words. Where was this place? Yes it was where I still live with my family. We are in Didim or Didyma which is famous for its Temple of Apollon.

The Temple of Apollon at Didyma, actual town of Didim, used to be the third biggest temple of the ancient world after the biggest one at Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the Temple of Hera in Samos Island. All these historical beauties are located in a place of damaging earthquakes, eventhough the first two biggest temples were completely destroyed, the Temple of Apollon remained standing. 

Camel Wrestling, 2400 year-old traditional sport of Turks

camel-wrestling-turkeyTime has come again for one of the most important and famous traditions of Turks. It is actually a kind of sport performed by camels. At first glance from the word "wrestling" or "fight" it seems as if it is the same as the bullfights in Spain or cockfights in Italy. But nothing is what it seems. The main difference of camel wrestling from the others is that no animals die. 

Camel Wrestling is a sport in which two male camels wrestle. The wrestles are only performed during winter period. Because the camels get very angry from december to february du to their physical conditions. The wrestles are most common in the Aegean Region of Turkey and can be seen in such cities as Izmir, Selcuk(Ephesus), Aydin, Mugla, Denizli (Pamukkale)

Kusadasi, Where Mass Tourism in Turkey Began

kusadasi-pigeon islandLocated on the western shores of Turkey, Kusadasi is a city of the province of Aydin. The name of the city comes from the words "Kus" meaning "Bird" and "Ada" meaning "Island" as the peninsula of the city has a shape of a bird. But today the citizens of the city shortly name it as Ada. 

Eventhough It is not definetely known when and by whom the city was founded, Kusadasi is thought to have been founded by Ionians under the name of Neopolis which was a settlement connected to Ephesus