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Turkish Carpet Weaving, the oldest handicraft of Turks

turkish carpetHand knotted or flat woven Turkish Carpets are among the best known art works in the world. Such effects as religion, environment, culture inspired the weavers during history. Carpet weaving originates from the traditions of nomadic Turkic peoples and tribes settling around central Asia and this art developed during Seljuk Period.

Miletos, one of the archaeological highlights of Turkey

miletos theatreMiletos located on the western shores of Turkey is an ancient site that all the archaeologists want to see before the end of their lifes. Not only its historical position of importance but also being a city of philosophers in antiquity make the city a must-see place in Turkey. It is an important stop for cultural tours.

A cup of Turkish coffee guarantees fourty years of friendship

turkish coffeeTurkey is a land of customs. We can say that all of these customs are kept in a treasure box and both the locals and the visitors try to open the box to release them all. Traditional Turkish coffee may be the best known among the others as you can see them anywhere; at home, in offices, in restaurants. It is a way of presenting Turkish hospitality in an easy way. That's why our ancesters say that "a cup of Turkish coffee guarantees fourty years of friendship". It is correct. Because when served you will love it and never forget the taste left in your mouth.